Funeral Director’s Chat

with nancy

Hosted by Nancy Burban, Funeral Directors Chat is a series of interviews with funeral professionals. Funeral Directors Chat is a forum for you to teach and learn. Enjoy this podcast directly on this website or subscribe via itunes.
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FDChat #06 – Funeral Financing with Chuck Gallagher

Nancy Burban discusses financial options with Chuck Gallagher, COO of American Funeral Financial. Chuck illustrates how the immediate financing of a…

FDChat #05 – Green Burial with Joe Sehee

Nancy Burban has a lengthy discussion with the forward thinking Joe Sehee of the Green Burial Council. He reminds us that…

FDChat #04 – Pet Loss with Thomas A. Parmalee

Nancy Burban and Thomas A. Parmalee discuss how providing funeral services for pets will impact your funeral home. The expansion of…

FDChat #03 – Green Funerals

Nancy Burban and Dennis McGee discuss green funerals in this episode. They review Dennis' approach to service, the changes in the…

FDChat #02 – Funeral Celebrants

Nancy Burban and Glenda Stansbury discuss the role of funeral celebrants in the death care industry; they also talk about the…

FDChat #01 – Women in the Death Care Industry

Nancy Burban and Monica Vernette Gray discuss women in the funeral industry and the importance of staying versatile in your services.…

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