FDChat #01 – Women in the Death Care Industry

FDChat #01 – Women in the Death Care Industry

with nancy

Nancy Burban and Monica Vernette Gray discuss women in the funeral industry and the importance of staying versatile in your services. Celebrant funeral services were discussed as well as social media, Burr Oak Cemetery and some thoughts on the evolution of the funeral industry.

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Show Notes

Monica on Facebook

Interview Excerpt:

Nancy: Monica, what new trends to you see in the death care industry? How has it changed over the past couple of years?

Monica: I believe we are going to get more exposure and information on green burials and eco friendly embalming fluid. I believe cremation as a choice for disposition is going to continue to increase, in part because of the economy, but also as a personal choice. I see more strategic alliances with the funeral homes coming together to share livery, employees, they may even buy a crematory together. More people are going to start taking funeral celebrant training and offering this service to families.

And we can't forget social media either with LinkedIn and Facebook. I am even going to throw online obituaries into this mix where the families maybe who can't come out of town, families of friends or even the local ones who can't even make the services, this is the opportunity for them to sign a guest book and leave words of encouragement for the families.

I know LinkedIn, I really liked it because it links me with other professionals in the country that I normally probably would never meet, and the same with Facebook. I actually have a Facebook page for myself and for my business and it actually has increased my exposure personally and professionally to people and mortuary students across the country, in fact on my fan page, that's an assignment. I should tell you of how many people from different countries are on there, because there has got to be at least 20 or 25 countries represented of funeral service people or students on my fan page, Morticia's Funeral Services, Inc. fan page. So I think social media is definitely here. It is a win/win situation to me. I know some people are skeptical of it and you do have to be careful.

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