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Funeral Radio was started in 2012 by Tyler Fraser. Tyler began a project with Nancy Burban in 2009 called Funeral Director’s Chat. This was a podcast that became successful in the facebook community and now has 4500 likes on Facebook. Tyler saw there was an audience for audio programming and took steps toward offering more shows by creating Funeral Radio.
In late 2012 Tyler Fraser started his own podcast, Funeral Services and the Web. Where he was tasked to seek out internet related topics and businesses and explain them to funeral professionals. One of the most active producers of content on the network, Tyler has recorded 12 episodes.
During this time, Tyler approached the Green Burial Council founder Joe Sehee and they began talks to start a new show with former Director of Operations and Finance and California funeral director Shari Wolf. The Green Burial Radio Program began to grow in listeners, when it became clear that the celebrant sector of the funeral profession could use a show of their own.
Tyler and Dorry Bless of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute started talks to start Make Ceremony Matter More. An interview show, where Cyndy Neilly-Spece talks shop with Life Cycle Celebrants.
Meeting Raymond Aikens in Chicago during the NFDA convention in 2011, Tyler saw what a wonderful educator Mr. Aikens was. Being an professor at Malcolm X University in Chicago, Raymond Aikens became a vital asset to providing quality free education on Funeral Radio with his show Directors’ Exchange, which was launched in 2013.
A recent addition to the Funeral Radio network, is the Dan Isard Show. Dan’s extensive experience in advising funeral homes is an irreplaceable voice on the podcast network. And his unique personality has a strong following.
And over the past two years we have been working hard to offer new shows like Coffee With Coleen, Funeral Startups, The Silva Lining, Make Ceremony Matter More and Funeral Services in Washington.
More shows are coming in our burning drive to provide top notch free audio education to funeral professionals. For programs for the public visit Always Memorial, where new funeral related podcasts and video shows are in the works.

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