FDChat #03 – Green Funerals

FDChat #03 – Green Funerals

with nancy

Nancy Burban and Dennis McGee discuss green funerals in this episode. They review Dennis’ approach to service, the changes in the funeral industry and personalizing a memorial ceremony.

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Interview Excerpt:

Nancy:  Dennis always says this, and I think it's really cool. "Service is my attitude, that says I will look forward to exceeding the expectations of this unique guest."

Dennis:  Correct. I believe that each guest is unique to the funeral home, that comes in the door. Not necessarily the arranging client, but also the deceased that we're taking care of. I've developed this attitude over a number of years because I believe in total quality management in everything that we do in the funeral home.

Nancy:  I understand that you bring your own embalming fluid and your own tools with you when you actually perform a service at a different funeral home ‑‑ one that you're not familiar with. Is that right?

Dennis:  That's correct. The reason I do that, again, is part of that total quality management, where when I know that I've been called to go to a specific funeral home for some clinical work, that what I bring with me is enough to make sure the job gets done. I don't have to worry about anybody else having or (for the most part) not having what I would need to do a good job. This way, I know that I have what I need and can use to deliver consistent, good results.

Nancy:  So Dennis, you speak very often about green funeral services. Are there other terms to actually describe this? Can you discuss this concept with us and why it's sweeping the funeral industry at this time.

Dennis:  Yes, I can. And what it does mean to me is that green funeral services is essentially what I like to think of it as formaldehyde free services.

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  • Matt Borkowski

    Dennis did and outstanding Job for my Father viewing. My father was a big sports fan. Eagles, Notre Dame, Phillies. When they brought the casket into the Church Dennis had the Eagles Pep Band there doing the Eagles Fight Song & NotreDame fight song something I will never forget. My Dad always gave Rub-Off tickets away when anyone came over. When the visitors came in Dennis was at the Door giving out Rub-off tickets which i thought was great. He went out and Did a Great Job. Dennis would do anything to meet a Family Needs. And my family keeps talking about it of a Great Job he did.. Again thank you Dennis for what u did.

  • Nancy

    Nancy: Now Glenda, we had spoken previously, and you had shared with me some stories about some funerals that you did, that you had an especially creative approach. Would you mind sharing that with our listeners?

    Glenda: Well every service gives us an opportunity to really think about what can we do ceremonially or creatively to make this a really long lasting meaningful experience. In many of the services that I do ‑ not all Celebrants do this, but a lot of them do ‑ I try to always find some kind of a memory takeaway, is what we call them, that we handout to the audience after the service, and give them a little physical token to take away to remember the loved one.

    I’ve handed out golf tees, or I’ve handed out crossword puzzle pages. I’ve handed out little puffs of cotton balls because this woman really loved clouds. I’ve handed out bookmarks. All kinds of different pieces.

    It’s just one more little element to saying, “This life was important, and this life is worth remembering, and we are giving you something very tangible that you can take home, and remember that person by.”

    So those are always a lot of fun. People always really enjoy them when they receive them. I’ve done services for 97 year olds, and I’ve done services for 16 year olds, and so every life has a different take on it.

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