FDChat #03 – Green Funerals

FDChat #03 – Green Funerals

with nancy

Nancy Burban and Dennis McGee discuss green funerals in this episode. They review Dennis’ approach to service, the changes in the funeral industry and personalizing a memorial ceremony.

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Interview Excerpt:

Nancy:  Dennis always says this, and I think it's really cool. "Service is my attitude, that says I will look forward to exceeding the expectations of this unique guest."

Dennis:  Correct. I believe that each guest is unique to the funeral home, that comes in the door. Not necessarily the arranging client, but also the deceased that we're taking care of. I've developed this attitude over a number of years because I believe in total quality management in everything that we do in the funeral home.

Nancy:  I understand that you bring your own embalming fluid and your own tools with you when you actually perform a service at a different funeral home ‑‑ one that you're not familiar with. Is that right?

Dennis:  That's correct. The reason I do that, again, is part of that total quality management, where when I know that I've been called to go to a specific funeral home for some clinical work, that what I bring with me is enough to make sure the job gets done. I don't have to worry about anybody else having or (for the most part) not having what I would need to do a good job. This way, I know that I have what I need and can use to deliver consistent, good results.

Nancy:  So Dennis, you speak very often about green funeral services. Are there other terms to actually describe this? Can you discuss this concept with us and why it's sweeping the funeral industry at this time.

Dennis:  Yes, I can. And what it does mean to me is that green funeral services is essentially what I like to think of it as formaldehyde free services.

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