FDChat #14 – An Interview With Kenneth Varner

FDChat #14 – An Interview With Kenneth Varner

with nancy

Nancy Burban talks with Kenneth Varner, President of Cypress Lawn Cemetery and President of the ICCFA. They discuss funeral legislation, the ICCFA University and strategies behind pre-planning (what Ken likes to call estate planning). Ken also talks about the continuous improvement of our services in the funeral profession.

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Show Notes

Contact Ken Varner:
Cypress Lawn Cemetery

ICCFA University
H.R.900 - Bereaved Consumer's Bill of Rights Act of 2011
Senate Bill No. 658
National Funeral Directors Association
Cremation Association of North America
Arizona Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Assoc.
Cypress Lawn Cremation Society
Todd Van Beck

Interview Excerpt:

Look at Cypress Lawn. We have the Cemetery Association. We have our funeral homes. We also have the Cypress Lawn Cremation Association; that's a licensed funeral establishment that we have. And then our new group of funeral homes that we purchased, there was also an off-brand cremation provider; it's called All County Cremation Services. Cypress Lawn is a little bit of everything.

Nancy: It certainly sounds like it.

Kenneth: Of course, here at Cypress Lawn, we have the internal obligation of maintaining 200 acres of property, which is very, very expensive. And so we've had to expand our services to expand our revenue, to ensure that we can continue to fulfill on the promises that we've made to our families.

Ken Varner Interview Transcript

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