FDChat #15 – Raymond Aikens and African American Funerals

FDChat #15 – Raymond Aikens and African American Funerals

with nancy

Raymond Aikens and Nancy Burban discuss changes in funeral services and African American funeral professionals. Raymond is an adjunct professor of mortuary science at Malcolm X College in Chicago, is a second generation funeral director and has been a professional investment banker. They also talk about hospice, investing in your facilities and continually educating yourself and your staff.

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Show Notes

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Funeral Statistics and Facts
Beacham McDougald
Pub to open in funeral home
A.A. Rayner Funeral Home

Interview Excerpt:

Nancy Burban:  Also, I think, a lot of people are not carrying life insurance as a priority as they did years ago. Because if you're unemployed, you have to cut back on your expenses.

Raymond Aikens:  Yeah, and not only that, we're finding a higher incidents of loans outstanding on life insurance policies. I'm sure, again, that's just a reflection of a level of economic stress that's out there. A person comes in; they've got an insurance policy. You call to verify the status of the beneficiary and you also discover at the same time that there's a loan outstanding. There's not as much available relative to the face value.

Raymond Aikens Interview Transcript

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