FD Chat #16 – Entering the Funeral Industry with Cody Anderson

FD Chat #16 – Entering the Funeral Industry with Cody Anderson

with nancy

Nancy Burban and Cody Anderson discuss getting started in mortuary science, working in a funeral home and up-and-coming changes in the profession as a whole. Anderson is a recent graduate of Piedmont Technological College in Greenwood SC, with an apprenticeship at Hatchers Funeral Home in Langley.

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  • Diane Hull


    I so much agree with you about getting your feet in the door of a funeral home, than can be the hardest thing. I got lucky and was able you work at local family owned funeral home. I worked at a cemetery before and the funeral home helped me so much in getting in school and changing my career. For a year I volunteered my time for a little over a year. I have finished my internship and going to school at John tyler Community College in Richmond. I live in Lynchburg, Virginia. Good luck to you.


  • Nancy Burban

    I really enjoyed this chat, Cody. Great insight. You’ll do very well in the funeral services industry!

  • Ryan

    Hello Cody,

    I was curious about starting a Tribute montage service, In the last week I have had 2 losses in my family and not one funeral home offered us this service? Non the less I had to prepare my Grandmother’s photo montage, the entire family loved it! It was quite hard considering the circumstances. I am wanting to continue down this path. I am curious what your view is on this considering you have been in the industry for some time. Thanks for listening!


  • Desiree

    Hi, I just graduated college with my associate’s degree in science for criminal justice. I have a 12 year window set for myself to become a medical examiner; I am 26 years old. I really want to get my foot in the door at a funeral parlor here in Massachusetts, but I’m not sure of the 1st step to take. I have zero experience in such field. The reasons that I am interested in the funeral parlor industry is because the thought of helping one cross- over intrigues me and I know its a great way to learn about the examiner part of the job. As a medical examiner I will also be helping one cross- over, plus giving them their family a sense of peace with the knowledge of why their loved one has passed. Please if you can give me advise to move forward within my career path I would truly appreciate it. Thank you!

  • mariah wilson

    Yesi wanted to start studying mortuary amd was wondering how it works if you have a felony.

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