FD Chat #17 – Removal Services with Duane E. Hall

FD Chat #17 – Removal Services with Duane E. Hall

with nancy

Nancy Burban and Duane E. Hall discuss how funeral homes can improve service with the use of removal and transport services. Duane speaks of the benefits and savings these companies offer funeral directors, such as vehicle maintenance, gas costs and time allocation. Duane graduated from the Commonwealth Institute in Houston, has been a funeral director for twenty five years and now operates Park Area Mortuary Transport in Huntsville, Texas.

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  • admin

    This was a very interesting point of view. I can see it could really help funeral directors.
    Thanks Duane & Nancy.

  • http://www.garymemorialchapel.com/ Lori

    Great session! We use a service similar at our firm. This does make life for a FD easier. My brother’s name is Dewain E. Hall, that’s what initially caught my eye for the podcast lol. Great reference points.

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