FDChat #10 – Cemetery Photography

FDChat #10 – Cemetery Photography

with nancy

Nancy Burban talks with cemetery photographer John Thomas Grant. They discuss the beauty of cemetery monuments in the eastern states and why John Grant began to photograph cemeteries.

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Show Notes

Contact John Thomas Grant:
John Thomas Grant
Passion Projects
Douglas Keister
Green-Wood Cemetery
Cemetery Monument

Interview Excerpt:
Nancy Burban:  Well John, do you have any favorite cemeteries?

John Thomas Grant:  Of course. I lived for 20 years or there about in Brooklyn. You can't get any better than Green-Wood. That's my home away from home. I don't know how many times I've been to that place. Some of my finest pictures come out of there. As I mentioned earlier, I didn't start terribly long ago so, I have not traveled that far in pursuit of the pictures. It's still life and I'm still trying to get my photography to a point where it could be a form of subsistence, if you will.

John Thomas Grant Interview Transcript

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