FDChat #11 – Marketing and Maintaining Relationships

FDChat #11 – Marketing and Maintaining Relationships

with nancy

Nancy Burban talks with Robin Heppell, a fellow podcaster, funeral consultant and funeral director. Robin and Nancy talk about changes in the funeral industry as it relates to technology and also the changing public attitudes toward funeral homes. Robin gives excellent insight to providing families with flexible service and maintaining relationships.

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Bob Biggins in Massachusetts
John Beckwith
McCall's of Victoria
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Robin Heppel and Father

Interview Excerpt:

Nancy: Right. And even Zappos, where they offer, if you're not happy working for Zappos, please let us know, we'll give you $2,000 to resign.
Because they never want to have an unhappy employee because when you have an unhappy employee that permeates into your workforce and it touches every aspect of your business.

Robin: Yeah. I'm sure some funeral home owners, "Oh, I'd never be able to do that." But, if you could build the all star team, it's going to more than pay for itself. And people who aren't happy, if you could get rid of those people, because when you're not looking, they're dealing with families. If they're having bad days, that doesn't go away when they're talking to a family.

Nancy: And we know from our own experience, the Bob Biggins in Massachusetts, and John Beckwith, I think it's in Fort Worth, Texas. They have four funeral homes. And they have more cases than they can handle because everything is by referral. And they do such an excellent job at funeral services that they get more calls than they can possibly even handle. And when you see people building more funeral homes in their county, it has to be because they are providing such excellent service that people are coming to them through word of mouth.

Robin Heppell Interview Transcript

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