FDChat #09 – Beacham McDougald Interview

FDChat #09 – Beacham McDougald Interview

with nancy

Nancy Burban talks with Beacham McDougald: author, fourth generation funeral director and President of McDougald Funeral Home and Crematorium. They discuss the importance of creating a meaningful funeral ceremony and also economics and service, cremation rates, Beacham’s local funeral study group and the legend of Concetto Farmica.

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Show Notes

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Interview Excerpt:

Nancy: Now you said that cremation is almost up to 50 percent nationwide and 45 percent in your area in the south.

Beacham: Right. We put a crematorium in, in 1997. I had to wait until after my father passed because he was adamantly opposed to cremation.
Nancy: He was.

Beacham: In 1997 I installed one and our cremation was 13 percent of our services at that time. As I said, last year it was 43 percent and this year it's hitting 45 percent. So I see it continuing to increase. I know that in the next few years it's going to become over 50 percent here.

Beacham McDougald Interview Transcript

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