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with Cyndy Neilly-Spence

As Chair of the CF&I Celebrant Funeral Network, Cyndy promotes communication and interaction between the Life-Cycle Celebrant® alumni who provide end of life ceremonies across North America. The Make Ceremony Matter More program profiles select alumni and provides a format where they really talk shop about serving within the funeral industry. By sharing their memorable ceremonies and rituals, Life-Cycle Celebrants® demonstrate how they create a distinctive outcome for those families seeking a personalized ceremony to honour their loved ones.
A qualified program manager with 20+ years experience in the professional services industry, in Canada and internationally, Cyndy was originally drawn to the Funerals program at CF&I. Cyndy is a now a triple-certified graduate of the Funerals, Families & Children and Weddings Celebrancy courses. She is establishing her practice in Toronto, Ontario: