Make Ceremony Matter More

with Cyndy Neilly-Spence

As Chair of the CF&I Celebrant Funeral Network, Cyndy promotes communication and interaction between the Life-Cycle Celebrant® alumni who provide end of life ceremonies across North America. The Make Ceremony Matter program profiles select alumni and provides a format where they really talk shop about serving within the funeral industry. By sharing their memorable ceremonies and rituals, Life-Cycle Celebrants® demonstrate how they create a distinctive outcome for those families seeking a personalized ceremony to honour their loved ones.
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Creating a Unique Ceremony For Stella Joy

Cyndy Neilly-Spence speaks with Life-Cycle Celebrant Linda Stuart about her ceremonial work with Stella Joy, a young girl who died of brain…

From Pre-Planning To Sudden Death

Cyndy Neilly-Spence speaks with Linda Berger about her experiences in Lancaster County, PA. She tells several stories including a ceremony performed where…

Diversity in New York City Ceremonies

Cyndy Neilly-Spence speaks with Life Cycle Celebrant & officiant Kim Kirkley about her work in the New York City area. Kim shares…

Jane Hughes Gignoux’s Ceremony Approach

Jane Hughes Gignoux joins Cyndy Neilly-Spence and eloquently describes three elements in her funeral ceremonies: physical actions, wishes and story telling.

Embracing Family Traditions As Ritual

Cyndy Neilly-Spence interviews Kevin O'Brien from Kevin O'Brien Ceremonies. Kevin is from North Canton, OH and offers heart warming stories about how…

A Funeral Director’s View of Clients & Ceremony

Cyndy Neilly-Spence talks with Jeff Staab of Cremation Solutions. Jeff is a Life-Cycle Celebrant® and a funeral director who shares his perspective…

Welcome to Make Ceremony Matter More

In this first episode, Cyndy Neilly-Spence introduces her new show Make Ceremony Matter More. She talks about the Life-Cycle Celebrant® credential, why it is…

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