Funeral Startups

with Tyler Fraser

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Funeral Startups


Tolad: Walking Stick Scattering Urn

Tyler Fraser talks with Wout Brink of Tolad: Totem of Life and Death. It's a new company that offers a walking stick…

Joe Ledinh’s Modern Casket Design

Joseph Ledinh, founder and CEO of Able Caskets, talks about his company and why he chose to enter the funeral profession.

Doug Gober and Financing Your Funeral Business

Tyler Fraser talks with Doug Gober of Gober Strategic Capital on how to get funding for your funeral home or funeral startup…

Donna Yost and The Life Chest

Tyler Fraser talks with Donna Yost of The Life Chest. Donna talks about building The Life Chest, her work with the All…

Curtis Funk and Tukios

Tyler Fraser talks with Curtis Funk about his company Tukios. They discuss how Tukios came about and the challenges he has experienced…

StoryClip: Tablet Kiosks For Video Recording

Tyler Fraser talks with Dustin Vik and Jeff D. Standridge, Ed.D. of StoryClip about their innovative new product. They discuss the vibrant…

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