Funeral Service in Washington

with Robert Fells

Funeral Service in Washington.


Body Broker Trade with Robert Fells

Bob Fells takes a look at the emerging non-transplant, for-profit, body part trade. He reviews how your funeral home needs to be…

What the Great Election of 2016 Means to You

Bob Fells takes a look at the 2016 election and events from the past few decades that led us here.

How To Think Critically

Bob Fells tells a not-unlikely story that demonstrates the importance of developing critical thinking skills.

What the FCA/CFA Price Survey Really Says About Funeral Homes

Bob Fells digs deeper into the recent FCA and CFA survey on prices.

Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Handbooks

In this episode Bob Fells talks about employee handbooks and the importance having one in place for your funeral home. He reviews…

Rating Your Members Of Congress

In this episode Bob Fells discusses how the public approval rating for Congress is only 9 percent, but the Congressional re-election rate…

Are You Ready For Changes In Overtime

Bob Fells discusses how in more than 11 years big changes could take place in U. S. law around overtime pay. And…

Social Media And The Workplace

Robert M. Fells discusses the law around disciplining employees for using social media as a bull horn. He gives examples of wrongful…

Mass Fatality Management

Robert M. Fells reviews the importance of being prepared for the worst. He talks about his presentation to the U. S. government…

Becoming Your Own Lobbyist

Bob Fells gives instructions on how to get in touch with your local Congressperson and your state Senators. He also tells a…

Current Tax Laws and Your Funeral Home

Executive Director and General Counsel for the ICCFA Robert M. Fells discusses how the current tax laws affect your funeral home and…

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