Funeral Services and the Web

with Tyler Fraser

tyler fraser
Seeking out internet related businesses and concepts and explaining them to funeral professionals. Tyler on Google
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Tyler Yamasaki of Parting Pro

Tyler Yamasaki of Parting Pro

Poul Lemasters
Online Cremation Arrangements and Legal

Tyler Fraser talks with Poul Lemasters, a leading legal counsel in the funeral profession, about the opportunities and risks involved in offering…

The Next Decade In The Funeral Industry

Tyler talks with Courtney Gould Miller from MKJ Marketing. Courtney is working on a new show called the Next 10 Podcast focused…

curtis funk
Funeral Cribs and Tukios With Curtis Funk

Tyler talks with Curtis Funk, the creator of a web series that highlights and showcases funeral homes called Funeral Cribs.

Defining Your Funeral Home’s Marketing Strategy

Tyler talks with Mike Hepburn of Your Social Strategy. They discuss how to work with SEO and social media to improve your…

How To Get Reviews On Yelp

Tyler Fraser talks about how to get reviews on Yelp and Google, how reviews have transformed networking, and why they matter to…

Why A CRM Is Essential For Pre-Need Sales

Tyler talks with Mike Regina of Funeral Decisions. They review what a CRM system is, what it can do and why it's…

The Future of Marketing Your Funeral Home

Tyler Fraser talks to John Callaghan, owner of, to discuss the current landscape of online marketing for the funeral business and…

ICCFA Annual Conference Tech Companies

Tyler Fraser speaks with Rob Treadway, Director of Communications and Member Services of the ICCFA about the annual conference and expo in…

Monitor Your Competitors on Social Media

Tyler Fraser talks to Brian Erickson, Product Owner of Perch, a mobile app for small businesses that will aggregate all your competitors'…

Optimizing Your Website With Tim Ash

Tyler Fraser talks to Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners, about landing page optimization and how your funeral home can greatly improve your…

How Facebook Deals with Death

Tyler Fraser speaks with Dianne Gray of Sanctri, a Facebook App that allows users to honor the deceased. They discuss how Facebook…

How Funeral Homes Can Use the Cloud

Tyler Fraser and Matt Dugas, Senior Account Representative of SRS Computing, explain the benefits of using the cloud to store data and…

Director’s Assistant with Continental Computers

Wes Johnson, President and CEO of Continental Computer, Inc. tells us about his funeral home management software: Director's Assistant.

ICCFA on the Web in Las Vegas – #ICCFA2014

Rob Treadway, Director of Communications & Membership Services at the ICCFA tells us about the conference in Las Vegas and how we…

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