Directors’ Exchange

with Ray Aikens

Featuring commentary from leading funeral industry analysts and practitioners and examining the forces impacting industry growth and profitability.


Relationships Between Hospice and Funeral Homes

Raymond Aikens speaks with Loretta Downs, a nationally recognized speaker, writer and counselor on supporting positive experiences at the end of life.…

Introducing Acute Loss Management (ALM)

Raymond Aikens speaks with Karl Jennings of the Arrangers Academy. In the struggling state of Michigan, Karl has been able to almost…

It All Comes Down to Relationships and Good People

Raymond has an engaging discussion with David Nixon of Nixon Consultanting. They dissect the importance of relationships, low cost cremation, pricing and…

Is the Funeral Industry At a Cliff’s Edge

Ray Aikens and Alan Creedy, a funeral home consultant, delve into tough business decisions that funeral director's face. They discuss the future…

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