The Dan Isard Show

with Dan Isard

Uncut and uncensored analysis from Dan Isard, president of The Foresight Companies and funeral expert.
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From the Client’s Perspective

In this episode Dan talks with Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender to discuss how seeing your company through the eyes of a…

Walker Posey and NFDA Survey on Consumer Attitudes

In this episode Dan Isard sits down with Walker Posey of Posey Funeral Homes to discuss the 2014 NFDA survey on consumer…

Talking With Robert Fells and Joe Weigel

In Dan's fourth episode he talks with Robert Fells, Executive Director of the ICCFA and Joe Weigel a previous executive at Batesville,…

Cremation, China and Selling to Carriage Services

In Dan's third episode he talks with Michael Cumby of Cumby Family Funeral Service. They discuss cremation, Chinese caskets and choosing to…

Pre-Need With Graham Cook of Homesteaders

In Dan's second episode he talks with Graham J. Cook of Homesteaders Life Company. Graham gives an honest review of the pre-need…

Doug Gober of Live Oak Bank

In Dan's first episode he talks with Doug Gober of Live Oak Bank. Doug reviews the start of Live Oak Bank and…

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