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United Priority Distributors (UPD), a cremation urn distributor and manufacturer, was created in 2001. “Our number one goal is the satisfaction of our clients; we are focused on and totally dedicated to offering unique memorials for our clients.” says Susan Fraser, founder of UPD.

At UPD, we understand the statement that “the customer is always right”, and we do all in our power to fulfill the needs of those who choose our company for their needs. Because of our great dedication and willingness to provide extended customer support hours, we have gained many solid relationships with new and established funeral homes. Healthy business relationships are essential and this is especially true as the funeral industry changes and evolves.

At United Priority Distributors, we are constantly considering, testing and pursuing new products so that we can meet the needs of your funeral home. We provide exceptional service that is second to none, and are a pioneer in researching and developing new products. As a result, we are licensed with organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America® and have several patents pending.

We do all in our power to provide the best memorials and service. United Priority Distributors will continue to stand and grow on our enduring values that are the essence of our company. We want to take this time to thank you for your interest in UPD and invite you to learn more by calling (888) 445-4449 and the international phone number is (559) 561-1031.