Funeral Director’s Chat

with nancy

Hosted by Nancy Burban, Funeral Directors Chat is a series of interviews with funeral professionals. Funeral Directors Chat is a forum for you to teach and learn. Enjoy this podcast directly on this website or subscribe via itunes.
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FD Chat #22 – Holy Land Ash Scattering

Nancy and Larry Deverett discuss Holy Land Ash Scattering, a service that transports cremated remains to Israel and scatters them near…

FD Chat #21 – Authentic Green Processes with Joe Sehee

Nancy Burban talks with Joe Sehee, founder and executive director of the Green Burial Council and advocate of the Green Burial…

FD Chat #20 – Document Management with John Garrett

Nancy Burban talks with John Garrett of eBridge, an online document management service based in Tampa, Florida. They discuss the importance…

FD Chat #19 – Green Cremation with Joel Collins

Nancy Burban talks with Joel Collins, a funeral director and founder and president of Eco Green Cremation Systems Inc. They discuss…

FD Chat #18 – Living Reefs with Robert Sarnie

Nancy Burban talks with Robert Sarnie, a biologist, CEO of Living Reef Memorial and head of the Sea Turtle Rescue Organization.…

FD Chat #17 – Removal Services with Duane E. Hall

Nancy Burban and Duane E. Hall discuss how funeral homes can improve service with the use of removal and transport services.…

FD Chat #16 – Entering the Funeral Industry with Cody Anderson

Nancy Burban and Cody Anderson discuss getting started in mortuary science, working in a funeral home and up-and-coming changes in the…

FDChat #15 – Raymond Aikens and African American Funerals

Raymond Aikens and Nancy Burban discuss changes in funeral services and African American funeral professionals. Raymond is an adjunct professor of mortuary…

FDChat #14 – An Interview With Kenneth Varner

Nancy Burban talks with Kenneth Varner, President of Cypress Lawn Cemetery and President of the ICCFA. They discuss funeral legislation, the…

FDChat #13 – Celebrants and the Funeral Process

Nancy Burban talks with Ruthann Brown Disotell about performing funeral ceremonies and leaving an impact on friends and family. Ruthann is a second…

FDChat #12 – Women and Men in the Funeral Industry

Nancy Burban talks with Kim Stacey about gender biases and women in the funeral industry. She is a licensed California funeral…

FDChat #11 – Marketing and Maintaining Relationships

Nancy Burban talks with Robin Heppell, a fellow podcaster, funeral consultant and funeral director. Robin and Nancy talk about changes in…

FDChat #10 – Cemetery Photography

Nancy Burban talks with cemetery photographer John Thomas Grant. They discuss the beauty of cemetery monuments in the eastern states and…

FDChat #09 – Beacham McDougald Interview

Nancy Burban talks with Beacham McDougald: author, fourth generation funeral director and President of McDougald Funeral Home and Crematorium. They discuss…

FDChat #07 – Obituaries Online with Jeff Taylor

Nancy Burban discusses the current state of online obituaries with Jeff Taylor of Tributes.com. Jeff tells us how your funeral home…